By opting for such a breadth of sound Midwest Rhythm Exchange’s “Take Me Home” creates a thoughtful highly engaging piece of work.”

Skope Magazine


Thanks for visiting!  The Midwest Rhythm Exchange is coming off of busy summer of playing shows and festivals promoting their new album.  They are currently gearing up for an exciting Fall and Winter schedule and will be continuing to add new dates each week.   Please take the time to look at their calendar and see when you can see them next!

MRE's new original album is out now and gaining momentum!  'Take Me Home' is the second original album from the quartet and covers a wide variety of musical styles.  Skope Magazine recently did a review of the album calling it "delicate and refined..."  You can read the full review from Skope Magazine online at this link.

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Side Door Pub

Side Door Pub, Plainfield


Blind Owl Brewery

Blind Owl Brewery, Indianapolis


Blind Owl Brewery

Blind Owl Brewery, Indianapolis


Blue Heaven

Blue Heaven, Key West