By opting for such a breadth of sound Midwest Rhythm Exchange’s “Take Me Home” creates a thoughtful, highly engaging piece of work.”

Skope Magazine


Midwest Rhythm Exchange is an acoustic quartet from Indianapolis, Indiana whose spirited performances bring traditional styles of music to a modern audience. Combining everything from Jazz to Americana to Gypsy and Bluegrass, they create a sound all their own, that they like to call Gypsy Grass.

They are currently finishing up their third original album and will be announcing several new dates for 2020 very soon!  

Their second album, ‘Take Me Home’ marked a change in the lineup and the addition of the violin to the group.  Skope Magazine called the album ‘delicate and refined’, and said ‘the intermingling of a wide variety of styles...when coupled with their thoughtful lyricism, is at times reminiscent of The Decemberists...and results in a sound that feels so inviting’.

You can read the full review from Skope Magazine online at this link.

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