About the Band

The Midwest Rhythm Exchange is a high-energy, acoustic quartet from Indianapolis, Indiana.  With a combination of spirited live performances and a commitment to bringing traditional styles of music to a modern audience they have quickly become a force to be reckoned with in Indiana and beyond.  The band consists of members from several other local projects who have come together to write and play music that combines everything they love about their art and each other.
They play everything from Jazz to Americana, Gypsy to Blues, and Bluegrass to Reggae, and have combined these styles to create a new sound they call Gypsy Grass.  Their ability to transform based on the venues they play puts them in a category all their own and has helped propel them to new levels in the local scene.  Their original music combines all the styles they have been influenced by and love.  They just released a new album that you can take a listen to by clicking the Music tab above.  You won't want to miss what this band has to offer!
The band is currently composed of Kevin Lee Guthridge (Funk Bud Johnny, Blue Hound Underground) on acoustic guitar and lead vocals, Matt Koher (Blueprint Music, Maple Trio) on violin,  Doug Sauter (Blueprint Music, Maple Trio) on mandolin, and Aaron Ransdell (Tonos Triad) on the upright bass. 
The band was founded in an attempt to bring traditional gypsy swing and other acoustic styles to a modern audience. Through a combination of progressive arrangements, experienced musicianship, and inspired compositions they deliver a high-energy show that finds a way to connect traditional music to a modern 'jukebox audience'